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Bike Seat Accidental Vagina Coochie Cushion

Coochie Cushion

I’m a Betty.
I provide the desire to be ridden. I ride the line between comfortable and lascivious so closely that women overlook my indecency and love me, want me, pick me first. Road bikes? BOR-ING.
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Wall Art Accidental Vagina

Chicago Old Style

Some may say that because I’m old, I’m a bit dried up, parched, or that I’m in need of a broom to sweep out the cobwebs. Well I say tah hell with all of ya.

Yeah, I’m a granny. A smokin’ hot, leather wearin’, Harley ridin’ granny. I can shoot the hair off a tick from 100 yards away Read more…

OH MY GOD. That looks too real. Wait, let me see it again.