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Lighted Wall Vagina

Sheetrock My World

I’m back! I am bursting through a wall of silence like the overzealous Kool-Aid Man we all longed to sip sweet red nectar from on hot days. Read more…

Restaurant window accidental vagina

It’s a Girl!

You could say that I’m stuck in the 80’s and I might find it difficult to convince you otherwise. Sure my dated, uneven exterior, showing all the years of accumulated hail damage, isn’t the prettiest of sites to behold. Read more…

Coffee Table Gold Lips Accidental Vagina

Gold Lips

Do not be deceived by my glimmering gold exterior, I am steamy, hot and red on the inside. I am, An Accidental Vagina.

One might think that the magazines littered around me are a distraction. I know the receptionist who planted them there thought they might, but my devilish desires cannot be overlooked. Read more…

Wall Art Accidental Vagina

Chicago Old Style

Some may say that because I’m old, I’m a bit dried up, parched, or that I’m in need of a broom to sweep out the cobwebs. Well I say tah hell with all of ya.

Yeah, I’m a granny. A smokin’ hot, leather wearin’, Harley ridin’ granny. I can shoot the hair off a tick from 100 yards away Read more…