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Pink Chair Accidental Vagina

This V goes both ways

Whoa! Easy there tiger. A girl isn’t ready for that kind of action without her engine getting revved a bit first.

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Accidental Vagina Couch

Seven Vaginas for My Special Valentine

Here alone, once again on V-Day.  So distant are my memories of what it felt like to have and hold someone else’s skin against mine. What I would do for someone to notice me if only for a moment, especially today, the day of love. Read more…

Bike Seat Accidental Vagina Coochie Cushion

Coochie Cushion

I’m a Betty.
I provide the desire to be ridden. I ride the line between comfortable and lascivious so closely that women overlook my indecency and love me, want me, pick me first. Road bikes? BOR-ING.
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