Coffee Table Gold Lips Accidental Vagina

Gold Lips

Do not be deceived by my glimmering gold exterior, I am steamy, hot and red on the inside. I am, An Accidental Vagina.

One might think that the magazines littered around me are a distraction. I know the receptionist who planted them there thought they might, but my devilish desires cannot be overlooked. Not by anyone, including the young man dashing through the lobby to catch an elevator. YES, you can have what she’s having! Now take my picture.

Our National Parks…please. Who could care less when my majestic beauty is front and center. Oh no honey, a paper weight I am not. Do not let the faces of the man and woman of whom I am sitting on fool you. I am of my own right. I was not put on this earth to hold down your receipts, your invoices waiting to be coded, your (God forbid) post it notes. Once the sticky is gone, just throw them away! No, I was put here for a bigger purpose. I was put here to delight, to amaze and to amuse (wink).

So enjoy me, love me and put me out on the table that everyone and their dog walks past. I deserve it!


This is an art piece so amazing I literally ran back into a lobby to take its picture while my colleagues held the elevator. The expeditious venture yielded a blurry picture but kicked off a number of conversations that led us to starting this blog.

What could this piece of office art be? It can’t possibly act as a paper weight, ash tray or letter opener. Does it collect business cards for a free-lunch raffle on Fridays? It couldn’t be more out of place. Honestly, how could a company of this large size, and invariably huge HR machine, allow such an artifact to greet its visitors as they enter one of the lobbies? Congrats to the architect or designer that snuck this ‘accent piece’ into the lobby to adorn the waiting table. I can’t help but wonder what the other individual lobbies in this building had as adornments in their lounge areas.

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