Bike Seat Accidental Vagina Coochie Cushion

Coochie Cushion

I’m a Betty.
I provide the desire to be ridden. I ride the line between comfortable and lascivious so closely that women overlook my indecency and love me, want me, pick me first. Road bikes? BOR-ING.

Handlebar streamers are like bangs on a curvy woman, seductive. Not obvious, I’m covered when you ride me, but we all know what’s underneath. The sweet seat. Curl up the corners of your mouth with that coy all knowing confidence that you have something between your legs that every man and woman wants.

Be audacious…ride me with confidence.


Most good product design takes the approach of solving pain points for the user. I suppose this seat design is literally supposed to do that by creating a soft pad for a women’s, ahem, special place when she sits down. I’m wondering though, did they really have to be so overt with the execution?

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