Cheeto Vagain

Don’t Forget the Fingers

Nibble on me…crunch on my cheesy goodness. Don’t you dare turn your nose up at my spicy cheddar! At least it isn’t a brie. Besides, life is about being adventurous and trying new things. You might find that your new favorite food consists of nothing but fried puffed corn, dried cheese and gluten. Slide your tongue up one side and then suck on both at once…you naughty little glutton. I’ll leave my evidence of guilt-ridden eating all over your face so when you see her again she won’t have to wonder where you’ve been. She will know and look at you in disgust, but you won’t care. You will have those glorious memories tucked away to get you to the finish line during another one of her bra-on, light off “pleasure” nights. Use me as your fantasy tool…I don’t mind. In fact, I rather like it.


*** special thanks to Chad for this submission ***

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