Give Him Something from Your Naughty List

While you are shopping for your man this holiday season, keep in mind what he really wants. Yes, it starts with the letter P.  Did you really have to ask? What better gift to give than the one that will remind him of your precious little goodie basket every time he wears it. The only decision you have to make is how snug it should feel around him. Is he a husky gent? Then maybe a medium. However, if he’s long and lean or somewhere in the middle, perhaps a smedium would be better. Whatever your choice, remember it’s best when it’s a little tight.

Oh we understand this may be a non-traditional gift, but you can’t overlook the power of being able to keep him warm. That fuzzy feeling that envelopes him will be all he needs to keep coming…back for more. Is it poor form to buy a gift that gives a little something to you as well? Not if it means you get to see that special smile of his when he unwraps it and slips it on. In this case, it’s okay to be a little naughty and want a little something in return. In fact, we dare say it’s much better to give, then receive, then give some more when it comes to presents for your significant other.

From the AV to you and yours….Happy Holidays.


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