Pocket Pussy Accidental Vagina Shirt

Pocket P

So much style. So much personality. So telling about who we are. The best of us often wear our hearts on our sleeve while those truly open to persuasion wear their P on their chest.

You’re so thoughtful with your quiet demeanor and purposeful apathy towards your clothing selection, opting for the unassuming t-shirt with the perfect amount of flair. As fate and gravity would have it, that peek of color has now turned into the object of uncomfortable stares. If you recognize this, just own it. If you need to hold something in your pocket p, choose wisely.


What I lack in color I make up for in positive energy. While I’m petite, I pack a big punch. From a penny (hey, that’s my name!) to a ping-pong ball, I welcome all passengers whose names begin with “P”.

Plentifully plump, I would describe myself. Especially when I have a gentleman caller. Oh, how I do love a Peter…although, Pauls are quite nice too. And until my prince comes along and makes my heart go pitter-patter, I’ll paint the town with every Phil, Pat or Picasso.

Why procrastinate when it comes to love? I say, stop and smell as many primrose petals as you can.

What are you waiting for? Go pick up a pinot noir and pioneer your own love affair.

*** special thanks to Ivey for this submission ***


  1. Irene

    That gives a whole new meaning to pocket protector! 🙂

  2. Dave Nowacki

    Perfectly persuasive, and always a pleasure!

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