Accidental Vagina Couch

Seven Vaginas for My Special Valentine

Here alone, once again on V-Day.  So distant are my memories of what it felt like to have and hold someone else’s skin against mine. What I would do for someone to notice me if only for a moment, especially today, the day of love. I cuddle up with my extra fluff and reflect on bygone days when femininity was idolized.  I miss that Golden Age when Hollywood starlets embraced their womanly curves and brought the Victory Roll to fame. I am a pinup of yesteryear and I can only hope today’s rockabilly brings back the love for a sassy girl with a colorful attitude and pink in all the right places. I’ve been told “all in good time”, but that does not help me today. Not on V-Day.

There was a time when men were beating down my door. I was elegant, classy, and I always hugged my man tight. My suitors knew I would be there for them. That I couldn’t be swayed by a sharp object in the pocket or an uncontrollable spill because I was easy going and could be cleaned up quick. Now I long only for the one who will love me for me and all of my aging beauty. If only my personal ad could show how devoted I can be. I am that one close personal friend who will lovingly hold on to more than just your remote. If only.

For now, I reach out to all the other single ladies and say, I understand. Continue to be you and fly your freak flag every chance you get. He will come…the one true love you’re looking for…he will come.

*** special thanks to Hannah for this submission ***

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  1. Hannah Frantz

    I’m in tears here….out of pure hysteria and sadness…Oh SO Conflicted to which emotion to run with…wait, oh…wait….here comes the vomit.

    (Good one you guys, Happy V-Day to you both.)

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