Tight Fit

Finding that perfect fit can be near impossible. From the way they hug your family jewels to the sensation you feel when you slide them on, you know when you’ve finally found the one. So many need to be tried on to find that match made in heaven. Take me for instance, I must have tried on hundreds for size before settling down and I wasn’t one to jump into a long term relationship. But tried and true, my weekender earned my full time love by being no less than perfect. Of course, a fit that lends itself to that kind of commitment must pass the ultimate test. Too tight and it can bring tears to your eyes. Too loose and well, no one likes that feeling. Bike in an airplane hanger?  No thanks.

I found the one for me and threw all the rest out the window. You might be wondering, “how he could do such a thing?” Some have even dared to call me complacent. Oh, but I beg to differ. I haven’t thrown in the towel. No sir. SInce there’s always a chance I’ll find her identical twin, my eye is forever wandering. But yes, aside from keeping it in the family, I can’t imagine straying as I doubt perfection elsewhere exists. In fact, I challenge anyone out there to find a girl that has as soft a touch and as warm a welcome as my baby blues.

*** special thanks to Richie for this submission ***

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