Whores Collar

I’ve heard em all… You know what’s underneath a pony’s tail? A horse is a horse until he croaks, then he’s glue. I’m not saying I approve of such crude and sometimes cruel jokes, but they do at times make me giggle. Please don’t tell Bob. 

Bob is the horse I often assist when the tough jobs are needing to be done. The ones he wouldn’t be able to do without me are the ones where cameras are often involved. And this is where I shine.
I know what you’re thinking…but she’s so drab and old looking. Tell that to Robert Redford and see what kind of reaction you get. The camera makes him look even better, much like me. I’m always ready for my close up (Mr Deville). 
Getting older hasn’t tempered my desire to be famous. From classic stud films to reverse cowgirl, I’ve done them all working my way to the top. Still, even with my ambition and desire for artistic perfection, I’m often reminded that I have much to learn. Reading the director’s vision can be tough. It is, at least, until you learn to watch the crew during set up for the shoot. Paying attention to what props they pull can tell you so much about the direction a day of filming will take. Are they bringing out Mane & Tail and a brush?  Or is it a towel and carrots. I’ll tell you, carrots have a whole new meaning for me. No longer do I think craft services has finally gone healthy.
There are so many lessons a girl working her way to the top needs to have under her saddle before she makes it. This job is much more than showing up and letting Bob inside me. And while I’m taking the reigns of my own destiny, I know right now I’m just where I’m supposed to be.  But boy oh boy….just wait ’til I get my shot. I’m gonna shine and shine big.
*** special thanks to Enrique for this submission ***

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